The Course

This is the course site for Ryerson University’s Digital Graphic & Web Design course. It is meant to be a resource for weekly topics, technical support options, and inspiration.

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This course explores graphic and web design from an aesthetic and functional point of view. Students will learn about the software and technology needed to acquire, manipulate and render effective visual images, and will experience the planning, production, and launch of a web site, using the latest web design and management software. Designing for human usability will be discussed as well as limitations of technology in order to maximize the impact of the creative material.

The course will focus on providing tools that will allow students to strategically plan, build and design a website and prepare them to work with commercial clients. The class will combine theory with practice and will include a combination of a lecture and a lab.

Course Goals (Learning Outcomes):

By the end of this course, students will:

• Be able to plan, produce and implement a web site.

• Be able to prepare a professional design document and to design website mock-ups and wireframes.

• Be able to identify and apply good design principles, with a sensitivity toward colour, typography, composition, layout and graphics.

• Be able to use the latest technologies including XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Dreamweaver and WordPress.

• Be able to produce their own original graphics and know how to best optimize them for use on the web.

• Understand and apply the principles of usability, accessibility and information architecture on the web.

• Be able to increase traffic to their site and understand web analytics.