DesignJam: Tutorial Website


Over the course of the first 5 weeks, you will be creating a website from scratch. The process includes logo, website layout design, splicing, XHTML & CSS coding. You are responsible for completing this process and submitting the final product.

The website should look as close to the example in the tutorials as possible. However, as a result of the process, there may be minor size (a few pixels here and there) and subtle colour differences between your website and the one you are emulating in the tutorial. A part of this process is interpreting the minor differences between your work and that of the guide and adapting your work to it. Most of this adaptation will come into play during the coding process.

You will be graded on your completion of each weekly element of the project, the cleanliness of your design work and coding, and the use of proper file management structure in your site (ROOT)  folder.

To hand in:

In a folder:

  • designjam_logo.psd
  • designjam_layout.psd
  • ROOT folder of your final coded site (which includes the well-organized, properly labeled files for your site).