Inspiration Collection

Each week you will be required to choose a logo and a website design (do not use the same logo as on the website) to review. By the end of the semester, you will have begun a collection of good design examples for current and future reference. This is an important part of being a designer – knowing what is out there, staying current, and building a repertoire of relavent resources for yourself. Doing this regularly will help you expand your creativity and improve your perception of good design.
Here are a list of sites where you can find great logo and website inspirations:

To hand in:

Every week, you will bring a two-page, printed document to class. The first page will have images of the selected logo and website chosen. The second page is a one-page review of the designs. Why is it good? What do you like about it? Would you change anything? Pinpoint the reasons why this is a great example of design.

Weight: 20%