3: File Management & XHTML

File Management

Key things to remember when building your HTML website:

  • All of your files must go in your ROOT folder, not scattered in different folders on your computer
  • Your homepage (the first webpage that opens) should be labelled index.html
  • As a rule, do not use capitals or spaces when naming any of your website files! (This is how you end up with those annoying “%20” issues in your URL bar)
  • Make a separate folder for your stylesheet, called “css” (you’ll use this next week)
  • All images associated with your css document (overall site design) should be inside the “css” folder
  • For each new page you create, you must create a new folder named appropriately in your ROOT folder, ie: Bio, Reviews, etc. (no capitals, no spaces!)
  • All images associated with individual webpages should be inside the corresponding folder for each page in your ROOT folder.
  • Your local files are the ones on your computer/hard drive. Your remote files are the ones uploaded to the server.


What is HTML?

The Differences between HTML and XHTML

In class, we will be taking last week’s Photoshop design for DesignJam, slicing the necessary pieces apart within Photoshop, saving them into the proper folders, and then building the HTML structure for it.

Without any css styling, this is what the completed HTML portion of the website should look like: DesignJam HTML Only